We have lots of hand raised and socialized puppies,Boston Terriers,Dachshunds,Maltese,Toy Poodles,Jack Russells,Miniature Pinschers,Shetland Sheepdogs,Cocker Spaniel ,Teddy Bear and West Highland.
Shady Acre Kennels
We are a christian family. Dad is a Pastor and puppy breeder.  Mom, son ,daughter, and daughter-in-law and 2
granddaughters and 1 Grandson all help out. We are a close knit family and our children are all first
responders . They are each on our local volunteer fire dept./first responder team.  They volunteer for various
communtiy projects as well.  We love our county and our

We have been breeding for 20 years. We are animal lovers. We want everyone to have an opportunity to own
a precious furry friend. We strive to raise puppies that are true to breed standards. We offer pups for pet
homes and do not advertise as "show quality" pups. We therefore offer the same breeds, with AKC
registration, at a lower cost.  We do have pups that are "show quality", we just do not show our babies and
therefore we do not sell "show dogs".

We are dedicated to the health & happiness of our puppies & their new owners. Our goal is to raise sweet,
loving, & playful puppies.  We will never ever breed a dog with any known health conditions.  Our puppies
are  played with everyday as well as playing with other pups, this produces a well rounded personality, active
& outgoing, without being aggressive or shy.  ALL of our pups are tail wagging

All our pups come with full CKC registration and most full blood breeds come with the option for full AKC
registration. (for a fee). They also come with vaccinations & worming up to date, dewclaws are removed. The
pups need to be at least  8 weeks of age before they can go to their new homes.

We live here as well as work here, we never leave our furry friends at home alone. We spend precious time
with each of them,playing and petting. We believe strongly that each of them should have a happy, healthy,
playful life. We vaccinate our breeding parents annually. We apply Frontline Plus, and give heart-worm
medication, each and every month. Our fur babies are climate controlled during all 4 seasons. Cool in
summer, warm in winter.They are each groomed on a regular schedule, bath, brush,
clip!!!! They are  given fresh water and food at all times. Now, you will understand why your new puppy is
coming to you pre-spoiled and pampered!!!!

We believe in responsible dog ownership. If you do not wish to breed  your new family member, we highly
recommend that you spay or neuter. (Spaying is the surgical removal of the female dog's uterus and ovaries.
Neutering is the surgical removal of the male's testicles and spermatic cords. If you decide that breeding is
not for you or your dog, please have your dog spayed or neutered to prevent accidental breeding, and some
cancers.)There is nothing more sad than finding an animal that is no longer wanted, and has been discarded
as trash. We have rescued several puppy litters, found dumped  on a dirt road, or at  local dump sites, some
with their mothers ,some without.  We bring these poor creatures home, where we have a special holding
area until we can vaccinate & worm them , and when they are given a clean bill of health, we give them to
families, who wish for a puppy friend but cannot afford to buy one.
We do not recommend that you leave your new puppy alone with an older/larger dog or puppy. Children and
pets should always be supervised when together.

We also offer "Designer Breeds" for those who wish for something a little different. You may view some of
these pups on our "Designer Breeds" Page. In recent years "Designer Dogs" have become all the rage!

You are more than welcome to visit with our pups here (by appointment).. And we do offer delivery (for a fee).
(We do not ship through commercial shipping.)

We are Licensed with the State of Georgia. (we gladly submit to inspections from AKC & the Dept. of Ag).

If you would like more information on our puppies or our kennel, please feel free to  call/text  229-425-1552  or
e-mail: shadyacrekennels@gmail.com.                                                                         

We are located in South Central Georgia. We thank you for taking time to look at our beautiful babies, we
hope that you will find the perfect one for you and your family .We know this is a long term decision, that is
why we will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Please visit our Customer Reviews!! (testimonies from previous customers).

Thank You ,God Bless You, and Have a wonderful time on our site!!!
We are so excited to announce we have more help coming!!  We have
a new grand-baby on the way!!!!   Due,February 20,2019!!